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why is my car leaking oil?

Oil leaks in cars are common. To some extent, even expected. However, that doesn’t mean oil leaks should be ignored.

While an oil leak may not affect the basic functionality of your vehicle, it could be an indication of a serious safety issue. Oil leaks in cars could result in a fire outbreak or worse a road accident.

Finding a pool of oil on the ground after parking for a long time is one of the most visible signs that your car is leaking oil. Also, blue smoke coming out of your exhaust is a sign that oil is leaking into the engine.

There are many reasons why your car may be leaking oil.

5 Common Reasons for Oil Leaks

Gasket Problems: The valve cover gasket is one common source of oil leakage in cars. There will be leakage if the gasket is not working properly. Damage to the gasket usually occurs over time as a result of oil getting gunked.

Sludge accumulates when you do not change your car’s oil frequently. This oil sludge can clog drainage holes which in-turn places excessive force on the valve cover gasket. Leaks caused by damaged valve cover gaskets happen often and are easy to fix.

Oil Filter: Your car’s oil filter can also be a source of oil leakage. A filter that is loose and not properly aligned can result in oil leaks.

A worn-out oil filter may be the reason why you are experiencing oil leakage. Be sure to have your filter checked every time you change the oil in your car. It is best to replace the filter if it is worn out.

Another point to remember with oil filters is to ensure they are correctly fitted because a loose oil filter can also be a cause of leaks. Therefore, it is essential to have your car checked by expert mechanics.

Oil Drain Plug: The drain plug, which can be accessed from under your car, can also be a source of leaks. This plug can get damaged if you need to change it regularly. You can easily notice when your oil drain plug is damaged. The leak will leave fresh oil stains on the ground. Pressure can also cause the drain plug to fall out when you are driving.

The Filter Cap: Problems with the filter cap can easily lead to oil leakage. The filter cap is located above your oil tank, the place where you pour your engine oil. Leakage from your oil filter cap can be caused by pressure while your vehicle is running or when it goes over bumps and potholes. Check your oil filter cap to be sure that it is properly fitted.

Burning Oil: There is a chamber for combustion in your engine. The piston rings and valve seals ensure oil does not enter this chamber. When the valve seals or rings are damaged, oil starts leaking into the combustion chamber. Instead of leaving a puddle of oil behind, problems with your piston rings and valve seals can cause a foul-smelling, blue-grey smoke.

You may want to check your valve seals and piston rings to ensure that everything is in solid order if you start noticing your oil level going down quickly.

Another reason to frequently check your valve seals and rings is the high cost of repairs. If left unchecked, this could lead to the damage of different valve seals and rings. A small leak is all it takes for your valve or piston rings to get burned during combustion.

Choose the Best Auto Repair Shop

If you are having problems with oil leakage, then you need professional assistance. Although there are D.I.Y. options that promise to help you save money, nothing beats getting your car fully serviced by a qualified mechanic.

If you are in Tucson or neighboring areas in Arizona, check out Accurate Service. We are a family-owned, full-service auto repair shop and we have been around for more than two decades.

Regardless of your car model, Accurate Service has got you covered. The mechanics at this auto shop are qualified to repair both domestic and foreign cars. Accurate Service also specializes in servicing diesel cars. Give us a call today on (520) 620-9129 or schedule an appointment with us online.