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Most car owners would be a little worried if their steering wheel made noises when turning. And if the noises don’t display any apparent issues in how the car runs, many drivers would simply ignore the noises and continue driving.

However, if you do hear creaking or strange noises when you turn the steering wheel of your car, it is best to have it checked up. Strange noises are never good.

Here are some of the most common reasons why your car steering creaks or makes noises when turning.

Why does my steering wheel make noises when I turn?

Common Reasons Why Your Steering Wheel Makes Noise When Turning

Two places that will need to be checked if your steering makes noises are the steering system itself or the suspension system. When using the steering wheel, the different parts within these systems can suffer wear and damage over a period of time due to various factors such as heat and friction.

Here are some of the most common factors that can cause the steering wheel to make noises when turning.

Clogged Steering Reservoir Tank

Your car comes with a steering reservoir tank which contains the power steering fluid.

Dry Ball Joints

The ball joints help in ensuring that the suspension control arms and the steering knuckles move seamlessly. However, this seamless movement can only happen if the ball joints are well lubricated. 

Any time the ball joints go dry, or if they are not properly lubricated, then they can generate cranking noises when in use – which is every time the steering wheel turns.

Worn Out Tie Rod Ends

The job of tie rod ends is to support the movement of the wheels as the steering wheel turns. If, however, the tie rod ends are worn out or damaged then they will generate noises each time you turn your car’s steering.

Damaged or Worn Suspension Bushings

Suspension bushings tend to suffer wear over a period of time. And as times passes, they tend to break apart which can lead to the formation of cracks.

Worn Out Shocks

Faulty Power Steering Rack

The job of the power steering rack is to provide the steering rack with hydraulic fluid whenever the steering wheel turns. If the power steering rack develops a fault then this impacts the supply of hydraulic fluid to the steering rack. 

As a result, you will hear a whining noise each time you turn the steering wheel. This whining noise is most prominent when the car is running at low speeds or while you are navigating turns.

A Leak in the Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid lubricates the steering rack and helps in ensuring smooth movement of the steering wheel. A leak in the steering reservoir tank would impact the flow of power steering fluid to the steering rack.

When this happens, the steering wheel is not able to move smoothly. You will find that you need to use greater force to turn the wheel. This, again, is another reason why the steering may start generating noises while turning.

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