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Wheel alignment is an important aspect of overall car performance. You want your wheels to respond perfectly to any maneuvers you make – this can only happen if your steering wheel is perfectly aligned with the wheels.

Imagine what can happen if you make a sharp turn but your car does not respond immediately. The situation can turn disastrous not just for you but also for other motorists on the road.

Which is why it is crucial that you pay attention to any wheel alignment problems and have your wheels aligned as soon as possible.

Wheel Misalignment Issues? It Could be Because of Your Driving Style

So, what can lead to wheel alignment issues to cropping up?

Your car can develop wheel alignment issues due to several reasons. Bad driving style and worn out parts are the most common causes of bad wheel alignment. Consider the following.

 1.Sudden Impact – One of the most common reasons why drivers face wheel alignment issues is due to a sudden impact. It can throw you wheel alignment off balance. Here are some instances of sudden impact:

Although modern cars are designed to withstand ordinary bumps, over a period it can lead to bad wheel alignment. The best way to prevent wheel alignment issues from popping up is to drive safely and carefully unlike how they drive in those entertaining Fast and Furious movies.

2.Damaged or Worn out Parts –It is only natural that your car parts experience normal wear and tear over a course of time. If your car’s suspension springs or other parts in the suspension system are damaged or worn out, your car can develop wheel alignment trouble.

The best way to prevent damage from worn out parts is to have the parts repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Routine servicing will take care of any necessary repair or parts replacement work. 

How do recognize symptoms of bad wheel alignment?

There are several symptoms of bad wheel alignment. Here’s what you need to watch out for.

1.Car Performance Issues

Wheel alignment is critical to overall car performance. So, any issues with your wheel alignment will obviously impact your car’s performance – you will notice this most when you need to make a sharp turn or when you apply brakes.

You will feel a certain sloppiness, or you might feel that the steering is loose when holding it.

You might also notice that your car’s response time is slow or lags – this could be due to other reasons as well. However, there’s a decent chance it could be due to bad wheel alignment.

Another common symptom of bad wheel alignment is when you notice your car is consuming more gas – anytime a critical car component is stressed, the engine consumes more gas to provide necessary power to the car.

2. Steering Issues

If your car has bad wheel alignment you will face steering issues. The following are two common steering trouble issues.

Your car will pull to one side – if you take your hands off the steering and you notice that your car swerving to one side, gently guide the car back on course and take your hands off the steering again. If the car continues to swerve, then you need to have the wheels realigned.

If you notice a constant vibration in your steering wheel while driving, it is a strong indication of bad wheel alignment. However, vibrating steering could also be indicative of another serious car trouble. Instead of second-guessing and allowing the situation to get worse – it is best to have your car checked up by a professional car technician.

3. Worn out Tires

It is normal for your car tires to experience wear and tear over a period. However, if your wheel alignment is bad, then your tires will wear out faster and in an uneven manner. If this happens, you will end up having to replace your tires much faster than the stipulated period of tire replacement. 

Car Mechanics you can Trust!

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