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What To Do When Your Car Overheats

An overheating engine is a bad indication that there could be a myriad of problems going on with your vehicle. During the hot summer months, you should keep a close eye on your car’s temperature gauge. If you see the gauge move into the red area or see the “engine hot” warning come on while driving, you need to follow some important steps to prevent costly damage from happening to your car. Other indications that your car is overheating include steam or a burning smell coming from underneath the hood. Here is what to do when your car overheats:

Being aware of your car’s engine temperature is an important part of warm weather driving. There are a lot of potential causes of an overheating engine. These include coolant system leaks, a bad thermostat, a clogged or faulty radiator and radiator fan, damaged hoses, a blown head gasket, and a broken water pump. An overheating vehicle needs to be looked at immediately. Often the problem is a simple, low-cost repair, but ignoring the problem initially can lead to more extensive damage.

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