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Getting stranded on the highway due to a car breakdown is one of the worst things that can happen to you – certainly in a Tucson summer!

There are so many things that can and will go wrong if you are not prepared for emergencies on the highway. The last thing you want is your car shutting down completely.

While most people do take extra precautions when they go on long road trips, car breakdowns can happen even when you are traveling on a regular route.

For example, your car engine could overheat – something that is quite common in a dry-aired place like Arizona, or you could end up with a flat tire.

Being prepared for unexpected emergencies is the best way out of a tricky situation. Here are 5 things you can do if your car breaks down on the highway.

What should I do if my car breaks down on the highway

1. Always Keep Your Tank Full

Whether you are going on a long road trip or just driving to work, make it a habit to check your fuel level. If you are running low on gas or even if you have half a tank, it is a good idea to top up.

Thanks to the Arizona Department of Transportation, the interstates have signs all along which keep drivers informed about where they can find the next service station. So, if your tank is running low, you can just go ahead and refill at the next stop. Better still, do it before you hit the highway!

2. Make Sure Your Phone Battery is Charged

The first thing you should do if you suffer a car break down on the highway is to call road assistance.

If you are in an accident or experience a health issue while you are behind the wheel, or even if you come across someone facing a similar situation, you will have to call 911. You can only do that if your phone has sufficient charge.

3. Inform Family/Friends/Work Colleagues

If you are going on a road trip or if you are going to be traveling a long distance, it is best to inform a friend or family member or even a work colleague about where you are going.

If you don’t reach your destination on time or check in with them because of a car breakdown or any other emergency, they can always alert concerned authorities – if you are in trouble, the highway patrol can find and assist you.

4. Get Off the Road if You are Facing Car Trouble

If you are facing any kind of auto trouble, the first reaction is always panic. It is a natural human reaction. But here’s what you should do:

5. Stay Put Next to Your Car

Once you have moved your car to a safe distance, stay put next to your car. Don’t wander off to find help – if you or one of your passengers has made a call to roadside assistance or called 911, help will come to you. If the heat is high, do the following:

Regular Car Maintenance Can Save You from Trouble

Car trouble can hit you anywhere. There is no escaping that fact. But you can minimize potential car trouble by ensuring you take your car for regular maintenance.

Car technicians at Accurate Service are trained to check and address all kinds of car trouble. So the next time you are in Tucson, Arizona and you face any kind of car trouble, give us a call for speedy and accurate car services.

Car Mechanics You Can Trust!

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