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Auto Repair - Warning Lights

Auto repair services in Tucson, AZ, suggest that you should not ignore the warning lights your car is showing to you.

The blinking light on your car’s dashboard could mean that some auto parts are not working well. Therefore, it is essential to know the telltale signs and take your vehicle for auto repair and maintenance service.

Warning Lights and their Meaning – Auto Repair

Oil Pressure

When the red light comes on, it means that there may be an issue with your vehicle’s oil. You should stop immediately, check to see if everything is in order, and call a local automotive shop for proper diagnosis.

Tire Pressure and Wheels Alignment

A yellow light is usually a warning for low tire pressure. Still, it can also mean that you need to check your vehicle’s alignment.

Engine Temperature

Engine temperature is essential for several reasons. It can be the first sign that your car might need to go in for an auto repair service.

And it’s also one indicator among many others like fuel level or voltage readings which could tell you something happened during driving or even while navigating through traffic.

Traction Control

When this yellow light flashes, drive with care and let your car repair technicians know about this to have it inspected or checked as quickly as possible.


Anti-Lock happens if there has been an interruption in power, which could also affect your turn signal or hazard lights. The yellow light indicates that you need your car’s anti-lock feature check.


When the red light comes on, it could mean that your vehicle has either a low battery or you need a battery replacement for your car. Have it checked for signs of wear or damage.

Check Engine Light

If you see a blinking yellow light and it’s not your turn signal, this could mean there’s a critical issue with the car. Have your vehicle checked as soon as possible by a car repair specialist.


When the brake light comes on, it means that either one or more of your brakes need to be pressed. The red color indicates an issue with pressure and fluid levels in their respective tanks.

These are just some of the warning lights that you might see on your dashboard, and it’s important to know what they mean for the sake of safety. 

Auto Repair Tucson, AZ Specialists, suggest that drivers should not ignore these signals but have them diagnosed or inspected immediately at Accurate Service to avoid significant car breakdowns and costly auto repairs.

Why it’s essential to keep up with auto maintenance, including oil change, tires rotation, checking tire pressure, or inflation?

One way to avoid unnecessary auto repairs is by following the recommended manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. This schedule includes oil changes, tire rotations, and checking your car’s tire pressure.

Manufacturers typically design their vehicles to go a certain number of miles before an oil change is necessary. Auto repair shops in Tucson, AZ, can help you stay on track with this maintenance schedule and catch other potential problems with your vehicle that could turn into more significant car repairs.

Trust Accurate Service Complete Auto Care, Your Auto Repair Mechanic Specialists in Tucson, AZ

At Accurate Service, we make sure to meet all of your automotive repair and service needs. So whether you need a routine oil change or have some significant work done on your car’s engine, we can do it all.

We offer both general maintenance and complex automotive repairs at our auto shop.

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