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Top Maintenance Tips From The Best Auto Mechanics Near Franklin MA

If you use trucks in your business, regular repair and maintenance is a must. Routine inspection and truck repair services by an auto expert are crucial for a reliable fleet. Fortunately, Accurate Service is here to help if you are looking for truck repair services. The company has been around for more than two decades. Since then, it has become an expert commercial truck fleet service and maintenance facility in Tucson, Arizona.

When do you need to find a truck repair near me Tucson AZ?

Brake Problems 

Problem with the brakes requires truck repairs in Tucson AZ. Unlike regular cars, trucks are heavy and carry loads that put more pressure on their braking system. Despite their sturdy design, they will eventually encounter brake issues and even brake failure. Before that happens, it is best to bring your truck to a repairs and maintenance expert.

Worn Out Clutch

Clutch problems are also common among manual transmission trucks. Oil leaks, driving carelessly, and dumping the clutch can lead to issues that may warrant truck repairs.

Tires and Wheels Issues

You need to find truck repair near me Tucson AZ for problematic wheel bearings. Some common wheel-bearing problems include making weird noises or jerking movements. Tire problems like defective or blown-out tires require truck repair services, too. Accurate Service offers truck fleet repairs and maintenance services, including taking care of the tires and wheels.

Overheating Engine

Any problem involving the engine of your trucks requires truck repair services in Tucson AZ. One of the worst problems you’ll encounter is overheating. Various factors like a fuel leak or blown gaskets may cause the engine to overheat. You need to hire an expert in truck repairs to address the engine problem. Don’t forget to follow the maintenance schedule for your vehicles. Remember that the repairs and maintenance costs are cheaper than replacing the entire engine.

Defective Radiator

Your truck’s engine may overheat if it’s on the road for too long. But when overheating happens too often, you have to check the radiator. Make sure there’s enough radiator fluid and watch out for leaks. You can patch minor leaks yourself. Use a sealant or epoxy. But it’s better to seek out truck repair near me Tucson AZ.

Oxidation Problems

Trucks with diesel engines often need repair services because of oxidation problems. Oil oxidation happens when the trucks remain in the same position for an extended period. You need to change the oil once it becomes saturated. You can fix this problem with truck repairs services in Tucson AZ.

Basic Truck Repairs You Need to Know

Knowing how to perform basic truck repairs can mean the difference between having an idle fleet and a fleet that runs efficiently. It pays off to learn simple truck repairs that can help you save time, money, and headache. Of course, you need to have the right tools on hand to fix your truck.

Check the serpentine belts or drive belts for signs of wear and tear. Learn how to tighten or replace them. It’s a basic truck repair that you can do if the vehicle squeals when it starts.

Another simple truck repair you can do without the help of an auto mechanic is battery replacement. You should also add changing the brake pads and hoses to your DIY repairs list. If possible, learn how to change the oil, filters, tire pressure, and spark plugs.

Look For a Reputable Truck Repair Near Me Tucson AZ

If you are thinking about truck repair near me Tucson AZ, the answer is Accurate Service. They provide truck repair services to different vehicles such as box trucks, shuttle busses, delivery trucks, and diesel trucks.

Hire Only the Best Auto Mechanic

You can leave your trucks in their maintenance facility in Tucson, Arizona for servicing. They will give you get real-time estimates based on the needs of your trucks. It is a one-stop shop for truck repairs and maintenance services. Their services include gas and diesel diagnostics, forklift repair, refrigeration repair, heater, and AC repairs. Whether your fleet needs new tires or engine changes, their teams of auto experts in Tucson AZ are equipped and ready to provide you with excellent services.

Let us discuss the repairs and maintenance services that your trucks in Tucson Arizona need. Call us today at 520-622-7685 or schedule an appointment online now.