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Your auto conditioning system keeps you cool while on the road. To make sure that you enjoy a comfortable ride, you must take care of your vehicle and keep it in good condition at all times. Regular repair, maintenance, and checkups are necessary but, there are cases when you need the help of an expert at Accurate Service Inc. for auto air conditioning service Tucson AZ.

Auto Air Conditioning Service Tucson AZ

5 Car Problems That Require Auto Air Conditioning Service Tucson AZ

  1. Refrigerant Leak

If your car’s engine needs oil to function, your air conditioning system requires a refrigerant to work correctly. A refrigerant leak is one of the major causes of problems with your auto AC unit. What causes the leak in the first place and why is a repair necessary?

Worn-out auto components, broken seal or gasket, or a cracked hose can lead to a refrigerant leak. Automobile parts constantly exposed to road salt and brine may corrode and trigger the leak, as well. Other factors include moisture and damage caused by road hazards like stones and potholes.

Although you can buy detectors to check for leaks, it’s better to seek out the help of an auto expert offering car repair and maintenance service.

2. Defective Radiator or Condenser

The radiator is an essential automotive component that plays a role in cooling your car. Its primary function is to regulate the engine’s temperature to avoid overheating. Meanwhile, the condenser’s job is to release heat by reducing the refrigerant’s temperature during the condensation process.

A defective radiator can cause heating problems for your automobile. It’ll prevent the AC drive belt and Freon line from functioning correctly, thus, leading to a faulty air conditioner. Your AC system may also stop working because of a broken condenser. You need the help of an expert auto mechanic who can repair or replace the radiator or condenser to fix the problem. They have the right tools and equipment needed to get the job done properly.

3. Busted Cooling Fan

The cooling fan helps regulate the temperature of your auto engine by getting rid of the excessive heat. If it’s not working, your vehicle will continue to give off hot air, which negatively affects the air quality inside the car. Several factors could lead to a busted cooling fan. These include accumulated dirt, electrical problems, or a blown fuse. You need to get an auto air conditioning service Tucson AZ.

4. A/C Compressor Problems

You probably have a problem with the compressor if your auto air conditioning system isn’t cooling the air effectively or it’s not cooling it at all. You’ll notice unusual noises if this part of your vehicle is defective. Have an auto expert in Tucson, Arizona offering car maintenance services check your car out.

5. Electrical Problems

Broken temperature sensors, blown fuses, damaged wires, and other electrical problems can cause the auto air conditioning system to malfunction. You need to hire car experts in Tucson the moment you spot issues so you can avoid expensive repair or having to replace the entire auto air conditioning system.

Tips to Maximize Your Auto Air Conditioning System

Choose the Lowest Temperature

Contrary to what most car owners in Arizona believe, setting your auto air conditioning system to its lowest temperature makes it run more effectively. If you set the temperature higher than the usual 38 degrees, you’re forcing the system to work harder and to use up more fuel to reheat the cooled air.

Turn Off the Recirculation Mode

Ask your passengers at the back seat to resist the temptation of turning on the recirculation mode. If it’s turned off, the cool air in front of the car won’t be pulled back through the system, keeping everyone in front and the back cool and comfortable.

Always Clean the Filter

If there’s one thing you must never forget when it comes to air conditioning, it’s keeping the filter clean. A dirty filter doesn’t just prevent optimal airflow, it may also lead to health issues. For modern car owners, you’ll find the air filter behind the glove compartment. Change it right away if it’s already filled with dirt.

Find a Reliable Auto Air Conditioning Service Tucson AZ

Some car air conditioning problems are easy to fix while others require the skills of a professional in Tucson, Arizona. Vehicle owners dread having AC problems especially during times when they need cool air the most.If you notice something’s wrong with your AC system, have it checked right away if you want to save on the auto repair cost. Only do business with car mechanics whose services have excellent BBB ratings.  Call us today at 520-622-7685 or schedule an appointment online now.