Ten Most Common Auto Repairs

This month IMR Inc., an automotive research company, unveiled the 10 most common vehicle repairs of 2017. They are as follows:

  1. Oil and oil filter changes– Today’s vehicles usually require an oil and oil filter change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles; and since it is at the top of the list of vehicle repairs for 2017, it looks like most vehicle owners are having them performed as they should. Hopefully, the trend continues into this year and beyond! Read more about oil changes in our blog post Why Are Oil Changes So Important?, and oil filters in our post Oil Filters- Keeping Your Vehicle Running Newer, Longer.

  2. Replacing wiper blades– Wiper blades are made from rubber and are openly exposed to the elements, which causes them to break down rather quickly. In Tucson, Arizona, the intense summer heat can break them down even faster. Because of this, it’s recommended that the blades be changed at least every six months- sooner if needed. Here are some signs that it is time to replace your wiper blades:

  • Streaks are being left on the windshield
  • Instead of gliding across the windshield, they skip
  • They are noticeably worn down or splitting
  • The blade frames are bent
  1. Air filter replacement- The air filter is responsible for keeping harmful particulate matter and debris from reaching your engine. Failing to have air filter changes will affect your vehicle’s performance and could eventually lead to serious and costly engine damage. The general rule for air filter changes is once a year or every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, however, you can find the exact recommendation for your specific vehicle in your owner’s manual.

  2. Scheduled maintenance- Every vehicle comes with an owner’s manual that contains maintenance requirements that are specific to its make and model. We are happy to see this item so high on the list of most common auto repairs in 2017 as it means that more vehicle owners are paying attention to their vehicles needs and preventing more serious problems.

  3. Tire Replacement- Tire life varies by vehicle type, and vehicle handling. To prolong their usable life, keep tires properly inflated, rotated, and balanced.

  4. Battery replacement- Car batteries usually only lasts around four or five years. In the extreme desert temperatures of Tucson, AZ, car battery life can be shortened, often only lasting around three years. If your battery is older than three years or you don’t remember the last time it was replaced, bring it in to Accurate Service to have a load test before the summer months, you don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road in the heat!

  5. Brake work- The brake system is your vehicle’s most significant safety system. If you have any problems with your brake system, you should have it inspected by the experts at Accurate Service immediately. To learn more about your brakes, read our blog How to Know When Your Brakes Need Replaced.

  6. Adding antifreeze/coolant– Antifreeze/coolant should be checked twice yearly, once before summer and again before winter is best. You should have it completely replaced every two to three years. Check your owner’s manual for specifics.

  7. Engine tune-up- Just like us, your vehicle requires a periodic check-up. Think of a tune-up as a sort of “well visit” for your vehicle. Also, if you have moved recently, it is a good excuse to meet a new mechanic.

  8. Wheel alignment- Wheel alignment is an adjustment of the suspension on your vehicle. Wheels that are aligned correctly improve your vehicle handling and keep the vehicle from pulling in one direction. It also prevents strange vibrations when you are on the road. As a bonus, it lengthens the life of your tires.

At Accurate Service we have over 20 years of auto repair experience and can easily handle the above items- and more. From Ford to Audi to Honda, we work on all makes and models of vehicles. Call 520.441.4744 or schedule your appointment online.