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Truck and car engines can last for quite a while. Modern car engines can run for hundreds of thousands of miles, but only through regular maintenance. Newer truck engines are also more efficient than the ones built a few decades ago. Mechanics, auto specialists, and car experts agree that keeping up with scheduled maintenance lowers the odds of an engine breakdown. Engine repair Tucson AZ will be the least of your troubles if you’ve followed through on regular preventive maintenance schedules. However, car engines, just like human bodies, break down from time to time. As a car owner, it will be in your best interest to know when your engine is acting up. It also helps to know the proper ways to address engine problems.

Tell-Tale Signs Your Car Needs Engine Repair Tucson AZ

How to know if you need Engine repair Tucson AZ

Check engine light comes on. 

An indicator of an engine problem is when the check engine light turns on. There’s no reason to panic, though. The check engine light will come when there’s a problem with the engine. It won’t necessarily tell you what the problem is. That is why you should act quickly and bring your car to an auto care shop for computerized diagnostics. Prevention is always better than cure. When the check engine light comes on, it’s your car’s way of telling you it’s time for some TLC. 

The engine produces knocking noises. 

If you are hearing tapping or knocking noises coming from your engine, act fast. Such noises are indicators that the oil level in your engine is critically low. The lack of engine oil causes friction between moving parts. A typical car engine has hundreds of moving parts. Running out of oil could put your car engine at risk. Stick to oil change schedules to avoid engine trouble. Most of the time, fresh oil can solve the noise issue. To be sure that everything is okay, bring your car to your trusted auto shop for a detailed diagnosis. An engine checkup will make sure your car engine does not die out while you are in the middle of the road. 

Unusual vibration coming from the engine. 

When your car is low on engine oil, it produces some noise. If your vehicle runs for too long without an oil change, it will cause engine vibration. It is okay for the engine to vibrate slightly, though. However, when the engine rumbles, have your car checked out. Go to a professional auto mechanic for possible engine repair in Tucson, Arizona. Always have your car engine diagnosed when something out of the ordinary happens. 

Gas mileage is dropping. 

Some car engine problems can be heard or felt. However, some engine problems can be hard to detect. You might not even be aware that your engine already has a problem. If you’ve been paying attention to your gas mileage, you will notice a sharp drop in fuel efficiency if there’s an engine problem.

 Noticeable engine power loss. 

Sports cars, pickup trucks, compact cars, and utility vehicles come with varying engine power levels. On average, American car engines have 180-200 horsepower. Smaller cars have about 100 horsepower. SUVs, on the other hand, come equipped with 300 or more horsepower. When you notice your vehicle becoming sluggish, schedule a detailed engine diagnosis. You might unknowingly need engine maintenance or repair Tucson, AZ. 

Excessive engine exhaust. 

When your engine produces a plume of exhaust smoke, it indicates a problem. Black smoke means the car engine is burning too much fuel. When white smoke comes out of the exhaust, it could mean a coolant leak. Smoke that has a blue tint indicates a possible oil leak. Either way, excess engine exhaust is a tell-tale sign of an engine problem. 

Engine repair Tucson AZ versus replacement 

Is an engine replacement worth it? 

When the condition of your engine goes downhill, you have two options. You could either have it repaired or replaced. But an engine replacement often begs the question of whether it is worth it or not. A new engine replacement could cost about $4,000 to $5,000. The cost only skyrockets for higher-end cars. Of course, there’s always the option of buying a used engine. However, there’s more to it, and you should discuss it with your mechanic before pushing through with this option. 

Will an engine repair solve all the problems? 

Engine repair can potentially do away with all problems. The only hurdle is finding a reliable auto shop that offers professional engine repair Tucson AZ service. 

Accurate Services offers top-quality engine repair in Tucson. 

Your car is an investment. Take good care of your investment through regular maintenance. If you have any engine problems, you can always count on Accurate Services. Accurate Services is the go-to auto shop for engine repairs in Tucson, Arizona. 

For professional and reliable auto services, call Accurate Services at 520-622-7685. You may also schedule an online appointment on our website.