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Clutch Replacement Service

If you’re wondering how you’re able to change gears smoothly when driving your car, you’ve got the clutch system to thank for. But like all of your other car parts, it is no stranger to wear and tear over time and will eventually reach a point where a clutch replacement service is in order.

Thankfully, there are signs that will let you know if your clutch is failing. Recognizing these signs will help you take the necessary steps to get the car the attention it needs from the right auto repair experts.

How does the clutch function?

The car’s clutch is responsible for transferring the power from the engine to the vehicle’s wheels. This allows for gear change and ensures that even when the car remains stationary, the engine will not just stop.

Due to the role it plays, the clutch is perhaps the most used mechanical component of any vehicle. Several mechanical components make up the clutch and due to how frequently it is used, these components are more susceptible to wear and tear.

The clutch needs to be in tip-top condition to operate the vehicle smoothly. It is always ideal to get potential clutch issues checked by a trustworthy mechanic as ignoring it will just eventually lead to the vehicle breaking down— which is not only a massive inconvenience but can lead to more expensive repair costs as well.

Signs your clutch is going

Typically, a clutch could last between 20,000-50,000 miles depending on the vehicle make or model. Thankfully, clutch problems happen over time which means that you should be given ample warning signs when things are going south. Below are some indications that you are due for a clutch replacement service.

The pedal feels spongy or soft

One very common sign that things aren’t as peachy as they seem with your clutch is when you push on the pedal and there seems to be little to no resistance. A spongy or soft clutch can be a warning sign that it is no longer engaging as effectively as it should. This is why it helps to pay close attention to how your vehicle components feel when you’re driving since it makes it so much easier to spot problems when they do arise.

Slipping clutch

Typically caused by bad driving habits, it can also be brought about by wear and tear. If you happen to be driving a fairly new or low-mileage car yet the clutch feels like it is slipping, it is best to get the problem addressed by an experienced technician. This ensures that the problem is addressed, and any underlying issues are properly detected and fixed as well.

Weird noises

If you have a failing clutch you will most likely hear weird noises coming from your vehicle— sounds you never used to hear before. This is because when you have a problematic clutch, the failing parts can come loose which would cause them to hit other parts which ten causes the weird noises. In some cases, these broken components might also end up pulling apart or sticking together, hence, the noises.

Stuck or sticky pedal

Another indication that your clutch may not be working properly is when you have a stuck clutch. A sticky clutch causes grinding noises and in some cases, it may even prevent your car from going into gear. If you have a stuck pedal, you may not be able to drive the vehicle because the clutch will likely be stuck to the floor. Both cases require the attention of a trained automotive expert.

Burning smell

If you have a failing clutch, it is possible to experience a burning smell when you drive. This is because as the clutch slips, the resulting friction causes a distinct burning odor. If this happens, it is best to get your vehicle scheduled for a visit to your trusted auto shop for the necessary repairs to be done.

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