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Automatic Transmission Repair

Accurate Service provides complete automatic transmission repair and replacement for cars, pickups, and SUV’s in Tucson, Arizona.

What Are People Saying About Accurate Service?

  • “They towed my car, at the crack of dawn, from in the middle of nowhere, and had me on the road that same day. Thank you for everything and I will refer you to everyone.” -Amado M.
  • “The place should be called prompt/reasonably priced/Accurate Service!” -Corey D.

What is the Automatic Transmission?

The automatic transmission plays a major role in the overall performance of your vehicle. Unlike manual transmissions, an automatic transmission switches gears for the driver. It obtains power, or torque, created by the engine then sends it to the differential. There is a collection of gears inside the automatic transmission that, based on speed and driving conditions, change automatically to keep the engine operating proficiently.

Signs of a Failing Transmission

Several factors can impact the well-being of your transmission including driving habits, towing, hauling, operating conditions, the condition of the transmission fluid, and the frequency in which regular vehicle maintenance is performed.

Warning signs to watch for include:

  • Driving difficulties. If you notice bucking, difficulty shifting, grinding gears, hesitation, or slipping, there may be a problem with the transmission.
  • Low fluid level. Transmission fluid should be checked at least twice a year. Low fluid levels can cause poor shifting and can lead to transmission damage and costly repairs.
  • Leaking transmission fluid. If your vehicle seems to be losing fluid regularly, you probably have a leak. Unless it has been changed to a non-dyed fluid, your vehicle will have a red-colored transmission fluid. Have you seen red puddles or drops on your driveway?
  • “Check Engine” light illuminated. Does your “check engine” light come on intermittently? The “check engine” light is usually illuminated for engine problems specifically, however, sometimes it can indicate a transmission problem.
  • “OD” or “Overdrive” light flashes. This is like the “check engine” light but is made specifically to indicate transmission problems.
  • Starts strange. If your vehicle acts strange on cold starts in the morning, or after it has been sitting for a while, it could mean there is a transmission problem.

Serious and costly transmission repair or replacement can be avoided if these warning signs aren’t missed or ignored. If you suspect a problem with your automatic transmission, bring it into us right away.

Automatic Transmission Repair and Replacement at Accurate Service

Properly diagnosing automatic transmission problems requires special computer system scan tools, specialized hydraulic pressure testing equipment, and advanced technician training.

Often what appears to be a transmission issue is actually an engine performance problem. We will likely test drive the vehicle and perform a couple of checks to rule out engine problems before directing our focus to the transmission.

If we determine there is, in fact, a transmission problem, before any repairs are made, a vehicle with a computer-controlled automatic transmission will be checked to verify that the latest software is installed. Software upgrade information is often found in Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) from the vehicle manufacturer.

Common automatic transmission repairs performed at Accurate Service include:

  • Low or dirty transmission fluid- Usually caused by leaking, contamination, or age. Without the proper amount of clean transmission fluid, automatic transmissions cannot properly create the hydraulic pressure that powers movement in the transmission. It will overheat and vital gears can surge, slip, or become worn down. Should this happen, total vehicle failure can occur.
  • Failed needle roller bearings- These are small roller bearings that prevent gears on the torque converter from grinding. Should they become sluggish and/or worn you will hear grinding noises coming from your vehicle when it is in motion. This indicates that your transmission gears are now moving ineffectually and are being worn down prematurely.

Our expert auto mechanics offer the best automatic transmission repair and replacement in Tucson at the best price. Call us at (520) 620-9129 or schedule an appointment online.