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Regular Oil Change

Are you wondering why mechanics always warn against brushing aside the need for an oil change? Accurate Service provides a complete range of auto care services. Cars, just like people, require regular maintenance. Your car’s engine needs oil to lubricate all the moving parts inside it. Without proper lubrication, your car engine won’t last too long. Mechanics often tell car owners to heed manufacturer guidelines on oil change schedules. If you wait too long to get an oil change done, your engine might sustain damage beyond repair. And a faulty engine means a lot of problems and added costs. 

In general, a regular oil change can extend the lifespan of your car engine. Other than that, changing your car’s oil on time comes with numerous benefits.

Perks of getting a regular oil change

Improved engine performance

All car engines nowadays are designed to provide top-tier performance. Car engines are engineered with power, performance, and efficiency in mind. In a typical car engine, there are hundreds of moving parts. Each part needs to be lubricated to sustain the high-speed operation. Without the right kind of lubrication, the engine will fail. While oil keeps a car engine running smoothly, friction works the other way around. If motor oil remains clean regardless of mileage, a car engine could theoretically run indefinitely. However, motor oil traps dirt and turns into sludge when in constant use. Oil degradation is the reason why it needs to be changed regularly. You will see significant engine performance improvements after an oil change.

Increased efficiency and reduced emissions

Are you environmentally conscious? Regularly changing your car’s oil can have an impact on the environment. Old oil has a lower smoke point than fresh lube. Every time that you have your motor oil changed, you are keeping your car running efficiently. Doing so effectively reduces your car’s carbon emissions. Keeping up with your oil change schedule spares you from all the headaches of a car breakdown while helping the environment.

Better mileage

Going easy on the pedal will give you better mileage. However, it won’t take long before your engine guzzles more gas if it runs on old oil. The cost per mile will significantly increase if you go too long without an oil change. On average, an oil change costs anywhere between $35 and $125. The cost will vary depending on the type of oil. Older car models need fresh oil and servicing every 3,000 miles. Newer engines that use modern lubricants can go up to 7,500 miles without topping up. Car engines on full-synthetic oil can run 15,000 miles before servicing is needed. While it is true that a $125 oil change isn’t cheap, the extra mileage you get is far greater.

Longer-lasting engine

Everyone wants a car that offers the best mileage, top performance, and lesser maintenance. Choosing the right vehicle is only a part of the solution. All other details that go into car maintenance must also be considered. A better way to make your engine last is to choose the right type of oil and stick to a regular maintenance schedule.

Getting an oil change at Accurate services opens an opportunity for preventive maintenance

When you bring your car to your trusted mechanic for an oil change, they will likely offer some diagnostic services. These services often uncover issues that you might have overlooked. Preventive maintenance also keeps your car from running into problems while you are on the road. Topping off your engine with fresh motor oil will also help keep you safe.

Bonus car care tip

Motor oil brands offer a variety of products. Choosing a type of oil can be confusing to a lot of car owners. Avoid costly mistakes by visiting Accurate Service in Tucson.

Accurate Service provides oil change and top-notch auto services

Your car needs every bit of attention it can get. Taking your vehicle to a car care specialist in Tucson ensures performance and safety. Only car care professionals should perform maintenance on your car. You can’t go wrong by trusting Accurate Service.

At Accurate Service, we offer the best professional auto care. Call us today at 520-622-7685. You may also schedule an online appointment for hassle-free car maintenance.