Oil Filters- Keeping Your Vehicle Running Newer, Longer

From coolant to belts and hoses to the battery and transmission, there is a lot that goes on under the hood of your vehicle. A less appreciated item is the oil filter.

Many people don’t often think of the oil filter as an item of much importance when it comes to vehicle maintenance, however, it serves a very important purpose. Without the oil filter, your vehicle would run roughly and eventually could wind up with expensive engine damage.

This is how regularly changing your oil filter keeps your vehicle running like new for longer.

All About Oil Filters

Your engine uses a lot of moving parts to do its job- which is converting fuel into the energy needed to move the car. To work properly these moving pieces require lubrication which is provided by engine (motor) oil. If the engine oil becomes dirty and thick it can no longer do its job. This would cause a lot of wear and metal on metal friction and eventually engine damage. This is where the oil filter comes in.

The oil filter is in place to keep the oil that lubricates the engine clean. It is there to catch all of the damaging dirt, debris and even metal fragments that may find their way into your engine. When your oil filter is changed regularly it can catch more of these damaging particles. The more of these particles that are caught makes for cleaner oil. And, having clean oil means that your engine will run healthier and more efficiently.

Not all oil filters are created equal. There are, in fact, two major types of oil filters. One is a small canister filter that can be removed and replaced in one piece. The other is a little more complex. It has a disconnected filter that will attach to a cap located in the filter housing. Both types of filters are very efficient at keeping the oil clean when they are properly installed. All oil filters should be replaced each time you change your oil -every 3,000 to 5,000 miles- to help keep your engine performing optimally. If you are unsure what kind of oil filter your engine uses, you can find that information inside your specific vehicle owner’s manual. You can also ask one of the trained professionals here at Accurate Service.

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