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Each car accident is unique, and passengers are grateful if they manage to walk away without any injuries. However, Front-end collisions often hold the potential to cause significant damage to your car, particularly the radiator.

Colliding with another vehicle or object head-on may lead to substantial damage. For example, if you discover a damaged car radiator after the incident, the first thing that comes to mind is if you need a replacement.

What Is A Radiator, and Where Is It Located?

If you’re wondering what a radiator is, it’s part of your car that keeps the engine cool. When your vehicle runs, the engine produces excess heat, which the coolant absorbs.

The radiator cools down the heated coolant, and the process repeats while you’re on the road. A functional radiator is essential to ensure the engine works seamlessly and avoid costly replacements.

You can find the radiator in front of the engine compartment behind your car’s grill. When you open the hood, you’ll see the radiator cap on top of a tank that contains heated contents after driving your vehicle.

Assess Your Radiator After A Front-End Collision

A fender bender can damage your radiator. Assess the radiator carefully, or let a professional mechanic inspect it.

Accidents are the common causes of radiator damage in cars. In most cases, this part of your vehicle needs replacement.

Although it’s possible to repair the radiator, it’ll take a lot of time and is costly. Buying a new one is more cost-effective, especially if it’s still under warranty.

Can You Drive A Car With A Damaged Radiator?

You won’t be able to drive your vehicle if it sustains extensive damage after an accident. Driving a car in disrepair only causes more damage to it.

Pull over in a safe place and call a towing service. Then, immediately schedule a damaged radiator repair with Accurate Service Inc., your trusted auto repair shop.

We provide radiator replacement services for different types of vehicles in Tucson, AZ. With more than two decades of experience, you can rest easy knowing the experts care for your car.

Do You Have A Damaged Car Radiator?

Even if you got yourself in a minor fender bender, you should watch for signs of a damaged radiator. Your car runs fine initially, but you may eventually notice something wrong.

Overheating is a sign that there’s a potential problem with this vehicle component. Pull over if the engine becomes too hot, and the temperature gauge moves toward the red end of the dial.

Don’t drive with an overheating engine. It can cause extensive damage to your vehicle and potentially warrant a costly engine replacement.

Additionally, the radiator needs attention if you notice fluid leaks in front of your car. For example, hose cracks or breaks may cause green liquid to seep from under your vehicle.

Bring your car to an auto shop if you hear unusual noises from under your car’s hood after the accident. The coolant may leak from the radiator, causing other components to grind against each other, producing weird sounds.

These may indicate significant damage to the radiator, requiring immediate replacement. Remember that replacing a radiator is cheaper than an engine, so let our mechanics deal with the problem immediately.

Hire The Pros For Radiator Replacement

You’ll find countless online resources teaching you how to replace your car’s radiator. Even big box auto parts shops offer several products claiming to fix damaged radiators.

These solutions can result in significant and costlier problems. If you’re an avid DIY fixer, consider replacing a faulty radiator hose as a start.

However, repairing or replacing it is a whole different story. First, you must follow specific procedures for properly removing and installing the radiator.

If you tinker with your vehicle without the appropriate skills, knowledge, and experience, you’ll only feel frustrated and end up with a damaged car. We offer affordable radiator replacement, and you may find it easier and quicker to let our mechanics handle such tasks.


The radiator is a crucial component of your vehicle. It plays a massive role in keeping the engine fully functional.

It’s essential to ensure that the radiator is always in good condition. Bring it in for a thorough inspection if you sense something is wrong.

If you got involved in a front-end collision, check the radiator immediately. A fender bender may cause significant damage to it because its location is in the front part of your vehicle.

Take your vehicle to Accurate Service Inc.; our certified mechanics will check for any necessary replacement. With more than 24 years of experience in auto repair, we know what to do with a damaged car radiator.

We perform radiator checkups to ensure optimum performance. The process involves evaluating and testing the thermostat, cooling system, fan, radiator cap, and more.

Call us at (520) 622-7685 for more details about our radiator replacement service and other auto repair solutions.