6 Signs And Symptoms That Call For Automatic Transmission Repair near me Tucson AZ

Most often, people don’t realize the cost of automatic transmission replacement is far greater than replacing an engine. If your car has an automatic transmission, you need to be mindful of maintenance schedules. Preventive maintenance is crucial for this type of transmission system. Another major factor to consider is the car specialist that you enlist. […]

Driving Habits That Can Damage Your Transmission

The transmission plays an essential part in keeping your vehicle running. It is connected to the engine and is responsible for making sure that the engine and wheels are turning in sync with each other, regardless of what gear you’re in. Transmission maintenance is crucial for preserving the integrity and performance of your vehicle. While […]

7 Classic Symptoms of Transmission Trouble

Even a minor problem with your car transmission can go south quickly if ignored – often the trouble starts much sooner than expected! Not only does it lead to a lot of inconveniences, but transmission problems are often among the most expensive of car repairs. Of course, if you have been consistent with car maintenance, […]