Is It Time for a Tire Repair or Replacement?

When it comes to our vehicles, we want to do everything to ensure that they are running in top condition. It means taking care of both the big and small things, like tire repair and replacement. Ensuring that your vehicle tires are up to date with maintenance, and prompt tire repair services are critical to […]

Top 3 Tips to Extend the Lifecycle of Your Car Tires

Tire care is a critical aspect of routine maintenance for any car. Your car tires are the only portion of your vehicle which are in constant contact with the road surface. Regardless of the kind of roads you drive on (good, bad, dirt), your tires are bound to experience damage from wear over time. Damage […]

What Happens if You Drive a Car with Low Tire Pressure?

Low tire pressure is one of the leading causes behind tire blow-outs and reduced gas mileage. If your car’s tires are not inflated to the recommended air pressure level, there is an increased risk of overheating. At high speeds this can be very dangerous since it could lead to a chemical breakdown of the tires. […]