The 6 Most Common Vehicle Electrical Problems

When you hear the term “electrical problem,” what crosses your mind? Do you envision a flickering lightbulb in your home? Or do you think about your vehicle? If you are like most people, you probably think of your home first. However, your vehicle, no matter the make or model, has the potential for its own […]

5 Signs You Need New Windshield Wipers

We have had some wild weather in Tucson, AZ over the last few weeks, and it looks as though even more rain is in our near future. Are your windshield wipers up for the task? In the desert, rainstorms are typically few and far between, but when it does rain, it’s usually a doozy. If […]

What the Color of Your Engine Oil Means

Having your oil changed at the recommended intervals laid out in your owner’s manual is vital to keeping the different parts of your engine lubricated and in good condition. In between oil changes, it is a good idea to occasionally check the oil levels, making sure you don’t have a leak. When you do, take […]

Top 5 Reasons Oil Changes Are Vital to a Car’s Well-Being

Your vehicle’s engine is made up of numerous moving parts that need to be well lubricated to avoid being damaged. Engine oil is what is used to provide this crucial function. After a while, the engine oil will break down and become contaminated with dirt, dust, and debris from the environment and other engine components. […]

4 Car Problems That Require a Mechanic to Fix

Doing regular preventative maintenance checks is a great way to make sure your vehicle keeps running well. Some automotive problems, like a flat tire or a blown taillight, are simple fixes you can do yourself. But your car is a complicated piece of machinery, and most issues that come up should be looked at by […]

Signs of a Damaged or Clogged Radiator

Your vehicle’s radiator has the important job of keeping the engine from overheating. The coolant circulates throughout the engine to absorb the heat, and then passes through the radiator to cool down. If the radiator isn’t working properly, this can lead to serious problems for your vehicle. Here are some of the common signs that […]

What should I do if my car breaks down on the highway?

Getting stranded on the highway due to a car breakdown is one of the worst things that can happen to you – certainly in a Tucson summer! There are so many things that can and will go wrong if you are not prepared for emergencies on the highway. The last thing you want is your […]

4 Reasons Why Your Car Steering Wheel is Hard to Turn

A steering wheel that is hard to turn is a serious problem. It can impact your ability to maneuver your car as and when required and therefore is a safety risk for you and other drivers on the road. For this reason, it is important to have your steering checked by a professional car technician […]

5 Car Maintenance Myths You Probably Thought Were True

Professional routine maintenance can help you avoid high repair costs and ensure your car continues to stay in good condition. A professional car technician, in addition to carrying out diagnostics and checks, will repair and replace parts as and when they are needed. Each time you make a routine service call your professional car technician […]

Car Tire Sidewall Damage – Can it be fixed or is it time for a replacement?

The tire sidewall helps in protecting the inside of the tires while also absorbing the shocks and bumps to provide a comfortable riding experience. However, because your car tires are the only part of the car that is in direct contact with the road surface at all times, they not only experience wear and tear […]