5 Reasons Why Check Engine Light Diagnostic is Important

Your car’s check engine light is one of your dashboard’s most critical warning lights. You should take your vehicle in for a check engine light diagnosis as soon as possible when it comes on. There are various reasons why you need to be proactive with the flashing lights and error codes on your vehicle’s dashboard. […]

My Car Smells Like: Common Car Smells and What They Could Be

When it comes to recognizing problems with your vehicle, using your sense of smell can give you some valuable information. Here is a list of different car issues, describing what your car smells like, and what the cause might be. Coolant or antifreeze leak. A pungent, fruity smell usually accompanied by steam coming from under […]

How to Identify Driveshaft Problems

The torque power, which enables the wheels to spin, comes from the engine. It is the job of the driveshaft, a cylindrical shaft, to deliver torque power from the engine to the wheels. Because the driveshaft rotates at extremely high speeds while delivering torque power to the wheels, any problems with the driveshaft will impact […]

Top 5 Reasons That Could Cause Your Car to Misfire

There are a number of reasons why a car misfires. Before moving on to what those reasons could be, it is essential to understand what the term “misfire” means. The term “misfire” simply refers to incomplete combustion in the cylinder of a car. When the condition becomes severe, you will feel a jerking action from […]