Common Problems with Brakes Tucson AZ

Cars have various features to ensure the safety of their passengers and one of the most important components is the braking system. However, many auto owners disregard this crucial auto part. Did you know that problems with brakes Tucson AZ accounts for 22% of all car accidents, particularly rear-end collisions? Don’t put your life at […]

What Is That Burning Smell Coming from My Brakes?

If you have ever taken a drive around the Tucson foothills, or up to Mt Lemon, you are probably familiar with the changes in elevation and curvy, steep mountain roads. Something you will often hear on these drives is, “don’t ride the brakes!” If you fail to heed this warning, you are likely to experience […]

The Difference Between Power Brakes and Anti-Lock Brakes

In the 1990s, anti-lock brakes (ABS) were the new standard for vehicle manufacturers. If you have never owned a vehicle that was manufactured before then, you may not realize that there was once a different kind of brake system (power brakes) used. What is the difference between the two? Let’s break it down. A couple […]

Top 6 Brake Maintenance Tips

One of the most important safety components in your car is the brake system. Any kind of problem with this system can be potentially dangerous to your life and to the safety of your car. Routine maintenance is the best way of taking care of your brake system. Here are a few important aspects of […]

Is it Time to Replace Your Car’s Brakes?

The braking system is your car’s most important safety component. And like every other mechanical aspect of your car, the entire braking system needs routine maintenance to ensure everything is fully functional and in top running form. Warning Signs that your Car Braking System Needs a Professional Check Up If there are any issues with […]

How to Know When Your Brakes Need Replaced

Every day, you rely on your vehicle to get you to all your destinations safely. Even if you are the most attentive vehicle owner, who takes great care of their vehicle with regular maintenance, you will have important parts wear out with age or mileage put on the vehicle. The brakes are a part of […]