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Bad Engine Fuel – Don’t Ignore These Top 4 Signs

Contamination of the engine fuel can impact the overall performance of your car. While your car engine could get contaminated by a wide variety of elements, water is one the most common contaminants of car engine fuel. The contamination could have happened...

Does Your Car Stop Without Warning While Driving?

One of the most confusing and dangerous situations to be in is if your car engine dies down suddenly while you are driving. The reason why the engine behaves in this way is when the required power to drive the engine is suddenly cut off or fails. A failing battery or...

Car Maintenance Basics – 4 Tips to Keep Your Car in Top Shape

Routine maintenance is crucial to keeping your car in solid running condition. Now if your car runs like Bumblebee does in Transformers then you have nothing to worry about but that is highly unlikely since Bumblebee is an alien robot! Simple things like checking the...

Is Your Vehicle in Need of a Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment can help ensure your vehicle’s tires perform smoothly and safely, and last longer. A good wheel alignment could also make your vehicle more stable, improve handling and prevent unwarranted vibrating. Some drivers have a misconception that wheel...

The Top 6 Reasons for Poor Vehicle Acceleration

One concern we hear a lot about here at Accurate Service is vehicle acceleration. Many high-mileage vehicles will experience symptoms of poor acceleration. You may not notice them under regular circumstances*, but they will be clear when you are driving uphill or when...

Everything You Need to Know About Axles

Axles have been a part of vehicle design since the beginning. Even the first automobile had a simple, solid axle. The axles are a prominent part of the wheel system, yet they aren’t given much thought by most vehicle owners. The axles play an important role in the...

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