Bad Engine Fuel – Don’t Ignore These Top 4 Signs

bad engine fuel don't ignore these top 4 signs

Contamination of the engine fuel can impact the overall performance of your car. While your car engine could get contaminated by a wide variety of elements, water is one the most common contaminants of car engine fuel.

The contamination could have happened accidentally while washing the car if the cap on top of the tank was poorly sealed, or it could be due to natural conditions such as condensation which can happen within the car fuel tank itself.

Another common way for water to get mixed with your car engine fuel is through a damaged water filter in the pump at a gas station.

In addition, if your car gas tank has a bad top fuel pump, it increases the chances of water entering the fuel tank. In any of these instances, even a small quantity of water can lead to engine problems as it can severely impact the compression and combustion of engine fuel.

When your car engine fuel gets contaminated, some of the common indications include sudden increase or decrease in speed while you are driving, the need to refuel more often, or it could be that your car sputters and you have trouble starting the engine.

Eventually you will notice a decline in your engine performance and, if left unattended, it could lead to other more severe car complications.

Signs of Bad or Contaminated Fuel

Spotting any kind of car trouble issues, including noticing whether your car fuel has gone bad, is not easy if you are not very familiar with how cars function and their various components. However, there are several indications which can help you identify a fuel contamination issue early on. Here are 5 signs to watch out for:

1. Engine Stops Running Abruptly and has Difficulty Starting

If the engine fuel is contaminated, there are two indications that are hard to miss:

Your car engine will suddenly stop running.

  • The engine of your car needs power to run.
  • This power is generated through the process of internal combustion.
  • Any time the fuel is contaminated and unable to sustain the process of internal combustion, the power to the engine gets cut and the engine will stop.

You will face difficulty in starting the car engine.

  • If the engine fuel is contaminated with water or debris, one of the first symptoms will be engine starting issues.
  • If you face engine starting issues along with any of the below mentioned signs or problems, there is a strong possibility that your engine fuel is contaminated.

2. Acceleration Trouble

If you notice that your car does not accelerate even when you step on the gas pedal, it could be an indication that your car has contaminated fuel in the internal combustion chamber. If this is the case, you will notice the following:

  • A hesitation from the engine to pick up speed.
  • The car simply does not accelerate.
  • The issue gets more severe at higher speeds.

3. Sudden Acceleration or Deceleration

Another indication of contaminated engine fuel has, again, to do with acceleration. You will notice the following:

  • Your car suddenly speeds up or slows down while driving.
  • The change in driving speeds will happen even if you are stepping lightly on the gas pedal or you are not stepping on the pedal at all.

Little or no control over speeding or even sudden deceleration can be extremely dangerous not only in heavy traffic but also on lonely stretches.

4. Bad Fuel Filter

Contamination of the engine fuel can happen because of water but also if the fuel is old and has accumulated a lot of debris.

To avoid this, your car has a fuel filter which serves to filter any dirt and keep it from entering the gas tank where it could mix with the engine fuel.

  • The effects of debris and dirt such as dust or minute metal shavings can contaminate not just the engine fuel, but they can also damage the engine itself.
  • If you are unsure about how to check your fuel filter, have your car checked up by a mechanic. They will either clean out the filters, or if required, replace them.

Something to Consider

Fuel contamination is one of the leading causes behind a damaged engine. Therefore, timely servicing is crucial for ensuring the health of your car.

If you are not sure about any of the symptoms mentioned here, it is always best to have your car checked by a pro. Remember, repair costs for damaged engines are one of the highest when it comes to car repairs. Don’t let it come to that!

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