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Have you ever felt that your car is pulling to one side or noticed that your tires are wearing down unevenly? These are signs that your wheels are out of alignment. Proper auto alignment is important for car performance, handling, and even your safety. It also ensures that your tires are wearing evenly which can extend their lifespan and save you money in the long run. Auto alignment makes a big difference in how your car performs and handles the road. When the wheels are aligned properly they are positioned in the correct direction and angle, meaning that they are rolling straight and true. 

The result of having your wheels aligned means that you can enjoy a smoother, safer and comfortable ride with less vibration, sound and bouncing. It also improves your wheels efficiency by reducing the rolling resistance. Auto alignment can also improve your car handling and stability, especially when you are driving at high speeds. When your wheels are not properly aligned, they can cause your car to pull to one side which makes it harder to steer and control. This can be dangerous especially in an emergency situation when you need to respond quickly. If you want to maximize your ride quality and safety, getting your wheels in check with auto alignment is the right move! 

Uneven Tire Wear: Warning Signs of Wheel Auto Alignment Problems

We know that uneven tire wear is one of the most common problems of your car’s wheel. If the wheel of your car is not properly aligned the tires can wear unevenly which causes many different issues, including; poor handling, less grip, and shorter tire lifespan. Uneven tire wear can also cause your car to pull to one side or vibrate while driving which is not only annoying but  possibly dangerous as it can be a sign of more serious issues with your car.

If you notice that one tire is more worn than the others, it can be a sign of an issue like failing or worn out shock. Otherwise, if you also notice the inside or the outside edge of the tires are wearing down more quickly than the center it is also a sign of a problem with the wheel bearings or ball joints. If you want to keep your car running smoothly and safely, keep on reading for the solution.

How to Fix Uneven Tire Wear with Wheel Auto Alignment

The solution for uneven tire wear due to wheel alignment issues is to have a wheel alignment performed. The wheel alignment adjusts the angles or direction of the wheels to ensure that they are perfectly aligned to the ground. This helps to ensure that the tires make even touch to the road surface which can lessen the amount of uneven tire wear. When getting an alignment done, It’s necessary to replace any damaged or even worn out parts like shocks or struts, control arms, ball joints or tie rods. Replacing these parts ensure that the car’s alignment is properly maintained as well as lessen any uneven tire wear in the future. 


Another solution to uneven tire wear is to ensure that the tire pressure is already set. Regularly checking and adjusting the tire pressure can ensure that the tires are wearing evenly and improve their overall performance. Additionally rotating the tires regularly can help to avoid uneven tire wear and requires swapping position of the tires. Avoid harsh acceleration, hard braking and taking turns too quickly to lessen the stress on the tire and avoid uneven wear. 

Why you Can Trust Our Wheel Auto Alignment Services for Reliable Results

We understand that proper wheel alignment is important for safety, driving, comfort and best tire performance. We use high-quality equipment and tools to ensure accurate and long-lasting results. At Accurate Service Inc we provide reliable results that our customers can trust. We have a lot of services we can offer like engine repair, oil change service, starter replacement, radiator repair, fuel injection system, diesel injection repair and more. We have  knowledgeable and  trained mechanics who are committed to providing excellent service and taking time to check the issue of your car.  When you bring your car to us, you can be confident that you’ll receive a reliable wheel auto alignment service that will keep you safe on the road.


Auto alignment is an important feature of maintaining your car and improving your driving experience. Proper alignment of your wheel can avoid uneven tire wear,  increase fuel efficiency  and enhance your car’s overall performance. Ignoring your wheel auto alignment can lead to costly repairs and potential danger. Don’t let a simple maintenance issue turn into a major problem. If you haven’t your wheel aligned, now is the time to look for a reliable mechanic. Trust Accurate Service Inc at Tucson, AZ, we provide reliable and accurate wheel alignment services to help  keep you and your car safe on the road. Call now at (520) 622-7685 to schedule an appointment and learn more about our services. Trust us to keep your car in top shape!