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7 Classic Symptoms of Transmission Trouble

Even a minor problem with your car transmission can go south quickly if ignored – often the trouble starts much sooner than expected!

Not only does it lead to a lot of inconveniences, but transmission problems are often among the most expensive of car repairs.

Of course, if you have been consistent with car maintenance, then ideally you should not face any transmission problems. However, if you drive an old car, or you are not particular about servicing your car, then sooner or later you will face transmission trouble.

Here are some of the most classic and unmistakable symptoms of car transmission trouble.

1.Whining, Humming, or Clunking Noises

If this is what you are hearing, head to your trusted car mechanic for a check-up. These are not noises that your car should be making, which is why you need to have the issue fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

2. A Burning Smell

Ok, so a burning smell, regardless of where it is coming from in your car, is never a good sign.

If it is not fire, then something is heating up rapidly – in all probability it is the car’s transmission fluid. This can happen if the transmission fluid is contaminated with debris or sludge.

The job of the transmission fluid is to act as a coolant and a lubricant – too much debris and sludge keeps the fluid from doing what it is supposed to do, which means your transmission is going to get damaged.

Head to your closest professional car repair service for a check-up.

3. Slipping Gears

If you find that your gear slips even if you have not shifted it (if your car has a manual transmission) or goes into neutral (if you drive an automatic transmission), the problem could be due to damaged or worn out gear linkage.

Slipping gears is a major safety risk. You need to have it checked immediately!

4. Hesitation in Gear Response

Anytime you want to switch gears, it should happen instantaneously.

If, however, you notice the gears are slow in responding it could be a clutch issue.

If the gears don’t shift smoothly, then it could be due to a problem with the transmission.

5.Grinding Noise or Shaking

If your car shakes or if you hear grinding noises, then it could be transmission trouble.

In manual transmissions, if grinding occurs when you shift it could be because of the transmission. If it occurs after you have engaged the clutch and shifted gears, then it could be a worn-out clutch.

In an automatic transmission, the common red flag is when you find it difficult to shift into gear when you take off. As the condition worsens, the car will start shaking.

6. Leaking Fluid or Low Fluid

If your transmission fluid is leaking, then it is a sure indication of transmission trouble.

If left unaddressed, you run the risk of serious or permanent damage to the transmission system.

Normal transmission fluid is clear, red, and smells sweetish. If, however, the fluid gives off a burning smell or is dark in color it will need to be flushed and replaced.

Consult with a professional car technician as soon as possible if you suspect or notice transmission fluid leakage.

7. Check Engine Light

If your Check Engine lights up on your dashboard, don’t ignore it. It is one of the first symptoms of car trouble. Although Check Engine lights span a wide range of issues, one of the problems it can highlight is transmission trouble.

Your car computer is designed to test the different systems and components – if it picks up any kind of trouble, the Check Engine light comes on.

A Word of Caution from Accurate Service

At Accurate Service, the rule of thumb we give to all car owners is this – anytime the Check Engine light flashes, check it immediately. You don’t want to be stranded outside in a Tucson summer that’s for sure!

If you cannot figure out the issue by using your car manual, please visit a professional car technician at the earliest to prevent serious engine trouble or as is the case here – to prevent serious transmission trouble!

Car Technicians You Can Trust!

Have you noticed any of the above symptoms of transmission trouble with your car? Are you looking for a professional car service for other car trouble or for routine maintenance?

If yes, then we can help. Give Accurate Service a call today at 520-620-9129 or schedule an appointment online at your convenience!