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Rising fuel costs are a global concern. Driving an efficient car is vital and logical.

Because of this, there is an increased focus on the impact fuel consumption and a subsequent emission has on the environment.

If you are equally concerned about both these aspects, there are a few simple things you can do to help save on fuel costs and lower your carbon footprint.

6 Tips on Improving Fuel Efficiency

Worried about your fuel efficiency? Here’s what you can do.

1. Check Tire Pressure

It is best to have your tire pressure checked at least once a month. Driving a car with under-inflated tires burns more fuel because the turning resistance of the tires goes up significantly.

Check your owner’s manual on how often (recommended either in years or mileage) you should change the air filter. The schedule for changing air filters can be higher if you live or drive in dry or dusty conditions.

2. Change Your Air Filter

Check your owner’s manual on how often (recommended either in years or mileage) you should change the air filter. The schedule for changing air filters can be higher if you live or drive in dry or dusty conditions.

3. Check Your Battery Cables for Corrosion

One of the main reason’s cars consume more fuel is corroded battery cables. Corroded battery cables place more stress on the alternator which in turn increase gas consumption.

Take your car for regular maintenance – a professional car technician will perform a complete engine check-up, including checking your car battery cables.

4. Routine Engine Check-ups are Fundamental

A routine engine check-up is one of the best things you can do for the health of your car. Even if it means replacing a few important parts such as the oxygen and fuel filters or spark plugs, a check-up and timely replacement of damaged parts will help your car run smoothly and, in the process, lower fuel consumption. 

5. Avoid Idling

It’s important to know that the gas your car consumes when turned off and on is less than the gas it will consume when idling for extended periods of time. If you must stop, don’t let your car idle for more than a minute – idling can easily consume more than half-a-gallon of fuel per hour.

6. Use the Right Octane Gas and Motor Oil

Always check your owner’s manual when it comes to choosing the right octane gas for your car.

If your car does not require high premium gas, then you don’t need it – a very small percentage of car models require premium gas.

By using the recommended grade of motor oil, you can effectively benefit from higher gas mileage.

Change these driving habits

In addition to the above suggestions, there are certain driving habits that can add to your fuel consumption. Consider the following:

-Drive smoothly and steadily – try and avoid heavy braking and use the throttle lightly.

-Not only will this help improve your fuel economy, but it also helps in preventing unnecessary wear and tear.

-Try not to tailgate – since it requires you to quickly slow down (brake hard) and speed up. Both actions can lead to extra fuel consumption.

-If you are in the habit of revving the engine, it is best to stop. Some drivers rev the engine just before turning the engine off. Again, this leads to fuel being wasted and it also washes oil down from inside the cylinder walls – if the cylinder walls are dry it will impact your next engine start-up.

-When driving, don’t let your foot rest on the brake pedal all the time – even a little pressure can increase the “mechanical drag” on the different parts of the engine which in turn not only increases fuel consumption, but it can also lead to faster wear and tear of different components.

Key Concepts

Following the above-mentioned tips can help you reduce your fuel consumption substantially. Although we did not include it in the above list, there are two more bonus which can help you save money on gas.

These include;

So, the next time your car is up for service, don’t ignore the call! It could help you save on gas and improve the overall health of your car.

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