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Automatic Transmission Repair near me Tucson AZ

Most often, people don’t realize the cost of automatic transmission replacement is far greater than replacing an engine. If your car has an automatic transmission, you need to be mindful of maintenance schedules. Preventive maintenance is crucial for this type of transmission system. Another major factor to consider is the car specialist that you enlist. Accurate Service offers top-of-the-line automatic transmission repair in Tucson, AZ. Car experts, mechanics, and automotive shops advise car owners to be mindful of the signs of possible transmission problems. 

Tell-tale signs your car needs automatic transmissions repair near me in Tucson, Arizona

1. Vibration or shaking during gear shift

Automatic transmissions are known for their seamless gear shifting. You should not feel anything when your car shifts gears. When you notice a shaking sensation or vibration when the car accelerates and decelerates, it is cause for concern. Automatic transmission problems might seem insignificant at first. Minor vibration does not seem alarming. However, when left unchecked, the issue could get worse. And costly to repair in most cases. Take your car to a qualified automatic transmission specialist sooner than later.

2. The car is unresponsive when in gear

Trucks and SUVs need every ounce of power and agility. A car with an automatic transmission responds rather quickly when engaged. However, when the car is unresponsive, it may be a sign that there’s a problem. Several factors could trigger the issue. The transmission fluid could have degraded over time. In such instances, the fluid must be flushed from the system and replaced. Most of the time, a fluid exchange does the trick. There are also times when the car is experiencing computer system problems. Resetting the car’s computer could resolve the issue. If nothing pans out, get automatic transmission repair near me in Tucson, Arizona.

3. The car makes noises when in neutral

Does your car make weird noises when in neutral? If you hear your vehicle make whining, clunking, or humming noises, there might be an issue with your transmission system. Such noises could likely stem from some minor concern. The strange noise you hear might be a sign that something worse is about to happen.

Your car might be running low on transmission fluid. Just like cars with a manual transmission, low oil levels pose a serious threat. Take your vehicle to one of the qualified transmission mechanics at Accurate Service.

4. You can smell something burning

If you smell and burning odors coming from the transmission, this can be due to a handful of reasons. That burning smell might be due to overheated fluid. The lubricating properties of transmission fluid degrade with time and mileage. As the lubricating properties of the fluid diminish, it allows friction that causes problems. Auto shops recommend top brands like Valvoline, Castrol, Royal Purple, Mobil 1, and others. Using premium full synthetic automatic transmission fluid does a great job. Another reason for the burning smell is a fluid leak. Unlike motor oil, transmission fluid does not lessen with continued use. Overlooking this issue will lead to costly transmission repair later on.

5. Transmission is slipping in and out of gear

The car’s computer tells the transmission when to shift gears. Power then is delivered to your wheels. A malfunction in the system can cause slipping gears. In such cases, it is necessary to take your car to a reliable auto shop for transmission repair in Tucson, AZ. When your wheels lose traction, it needs immediate attention. Gear slippage is potentially dangerous and could be fatal.

6. Transmission fluid is leaking

Have you noticed any red-colored fluid in your driveway or garage floor? If you have, your car may have a transmission leak. The automatic transmission fluid level does not lessen regardless of time and mileage. A leaky gasket or hose is often the culprit. Avoid a complete transmission breakdown by regularly maintaining your vehicle.

Maintenance and professional transmission repair

Your car will turn on the check engine light whenever there’s a problem. The transmission contains sensors that pick up anything unusual. The sensors trigger the check engine light to tell you something is wrong. Go to a credible auto mechanic for a complete car diagnosis and to avoid further automatic transmission problems. Preventive maintenance includes an oil change, car battery testing, check engine light diagnosis, and many more.

Finding a specialist for transmission repair in Tucson, AZ

Accurate Service has been providing a complete range of auto care services in Tucson for 23 years. We are a full-service auto repair shop dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction. For all your automotive repair needs, call us at 520-622-7685. You may also book an online appointment on our website today for all your auto needs.