5 Ways to Identify Bad Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment is a vital factor in optimizing your car’s overall performance. Brand new cars come with their wheels aligned, the wheels and suspension are perfectly positioned for driving.

However, this optimized condition won’t last forever.

You might not notice any major difference in your driving experience when there is a minor wheel misalignment. However, it could impact the car movement or maneuverability while navigating a tight turn or when you need to quickly avoid a pothole or bad patch on the road.

5 ways to identify bad wheel alignment

Wheel Misalignment – 5 Indications to Watch Out for in Your Car

Unless you are a car enthusiast or have a good understanding of how cars work, identifying the factors that indicate bad wheel alignment isn’t always easy.

The good news, however, is you don’t have to be a pro to recognize the symptoms. Here are 5 indications of bad wheel alignment that are hard to miss. Watch out for the following indications. Any of the following could mean a visit to the mechanic is necessary —

1. The Car Swerves Sharply to the Right or the Left

One of the best indications of bad wheel alignment is when the car starts pulling towards one direction (either left or right) while driving.

  • Try this – take your car for a drive on a straight road.
  • Adjust the steering, so the car drives straight and slowly remove your hands from the steering wheel.
  • If the car moves towards any one direction, then it could indicate bad wheel alignment.
  • If you ignore the condition for a long time, you will find that unless you maintain a strong grip on the steering wheel, your car could easily cross over lanes while driving. This is not a safe car to drive.

2. Uneven Wearing Out of Tire Treads

Uneven tire wear is a common indication that your wheel alignment needs to be inspected and fixed.

  • Ideally, all four tires should display an even degree of wear.
  • Any time the wear of the tire treads is uneven, or if the tire treads are completely flattened out, it could be because of a wheel alignment issue.
  • Tire treads provide grip and traction to the wheels.
  • If the treads get worn out, the car will start slipping and you will find it difficult to maneuver.

3. Vibrating Steering Wheel

If there are no issues with the wheel alignment of your car, you will be able to enjoy a smooth driving experience.

  • If, however, you notice the steering wheel is vibrating, then it could be an early warning signal of wheel misalignment.
  • If you ignore this important signal, it could lead to greater problems with your car performance.

4. Vehicle Response When Attempting to Steer is Slow

Another indication that your car wheel alignment is bad, again, has to do with steering.

  • If you notice that while making a turn, your car’s response to the steering is slow, then it could, again, be due to bad wheel alignment.
  • Sometimes the response could be slow by several seconds; in heavy traffic this kind of delay could be fatal.
  • Have your car checked up by a professional mechanic as soon as possible if you notice this happening more than once.

5. Tires Squeal Upon Acceleration or While Turning

Worn out tire treads caused due to wheel misalignment can also cause tires to squeal.

  • You will notice the squealing is greater when you accelerate or while making a turn.
  • As mentioned earlier, tire treads provide traction and grip to the wheels; if the treads are worn out, then the wheels will struggle to pick up traction or grip the road which will lead your car tires to squeal.
  • If the tread wear is extensive, the best option will be to simply have the wheels replaced.

Key Points

Bad wheel alignment issues are not something most people notice right away. However, what makes the issue serious is that wheel misalignment has a spillover effect, which means it will impact the tires, steering, general performance, and maneuverability of the car. Wheel alignment is not an expensive car repair service.

However, if you continue to delay having it checked, it could lead to other repairs which are far more expensive!

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