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It’s March, and that means that schools will be letting out for spring break soon. One of the great parts of living in Tucson, Arizona is that there are a lot of different places you can visit over the break that aren’t too far away.

4 Great Arizona Spring Break Destinations
Here are four great places you can visit in Arizona over spring break:


Arizona’s capital city has a lot of fun activities you can enjoy with your family over spring break. The best part is that it is only around one and a half to two hours away from Tucson, so you can make it a day trip if you don’t want to stay overnight. Phoenix and its suburbs offer a little something for everyone. Fun things to do include visiting the Arizona Science Center, the Phoenix Art Museum, the Desert Botanical Garden and the Phoenix Zoo, among much more. Just outside of Phoenix, in Scottsdale is OdySea (Arizona’s largest aquarium), Butterfly Wonderland, Dolphinaris, and Pangea Land of the Dinosaurs. All located in a single complex with various restaurants and retail shops. For outdoor lovers and people looking to connect to Arizona’s Wild West history, outside of Phoenix along the Apache Trail are amazing views of the Superstition Mountains as well as the Superstition Mountain Museum (all outside attractions are free), Goldfield Ghost Town, Lost Dutchman State Park, and a series of lakes including Canyon Lake and Apache Lake.

Lake Havasu City

Lake Havasu City is on the Arizona side of the Colorado River on the Arizona/California border. It is nearly five hours to Lake Havasu City from Tucson, so to visit you will want to plan on staying for at least a couple of nights. Many people enjoy the 26 lighthouses along the lake that are modelled after many of the countries famous lighthouses. Ever hear the nursery rhyme London Bridge is Falling Down? Well, the bridge that the song is about now calls Lake Havasu its home. The old London Bridge was moved to Lake Havasu in the late 1960s. You can take a guided walking tour of the bridge from the Lake Havasu City Visitor Center or enjoy shopping in the English Village built around the bridge, complete with a famous English red phone booth. Windsor Beach at Lake Havasu State Park has pretty white sands perfect for sunbathing while you watch people swim or partake in water sports. Or, if you don’t have your own, you can rent a power boat, a pontoon boat, or a jet-ski and hit the lake for some fun. Numerous bars and nightclubs offer drinks, live music, and dancing. If you’re a gambler, you can take a short boat trip across the lake to the California side and spend some time at the casino. Lake Havasu is also an ideal place for rockhounding, stargazing, hiking, horseback riding, golfing, and more!


Sedona is arguably one of the most beautiful places in Arizona. You cannot beat the allure of the bright red sandstone cliffs and formations in and around the town. It is a truly breathtaking view. At just under four hours away from Tucson, you will likely want to make this at least a weekend-long visit. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the scenery through hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, or by taking the famous jeep or hummer tours. If you want to party, Sedona is probably not the place for you. Sedona is more of a place for a spiritual retreat. A place to balance yourself back out. There are spas as well as many psychics and spiritual healers to visit in Sedona. Art lovers will love the various galleries, foodies will love the local restaurants, and craft beer lovers will enjoy the amazing choices offered by the Oak Creek Brewing Company. There is an amazing little church built into the red rocks of Sedona that has become very famous. It is known as the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Even if you are not religious you will enjoy the views and sense of peace and calm that envelope you when you visit this one of a kind chapel.


Flagstaff is around four to five hours from Tucson in a beautiful Ponderosa pine forest. Just a short drive further is one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, the Grand Canyon. You can take a guided day tour of the canyon with Grand Canyon Adventures, or take a ride on the Grand Canyon Railway. Downtown Flagstaff has art galleries, boutiques, and shops. There are also several delectable local restaurants and breweries for craft beer lovers.

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